Banglarbhumi Land Records using Banglar bhumi Khatian No, Know your Property, Mouza Information at

Banglar Bhumi Land Records data using Banglarbhumi Khatian No, Know your Property, Banglarbhoomi Mouza Information, RS-LR Plot information, Mutation Status etc at

To talk about means to talk about the government of West Bengal and in large the State of West Bengal. To be more specific the lands of West Bengal, as the name itself suggests. You can now find answers to all your land related queries from the comfort of your couch from this service. However, one cannot talk about the website without the history of land reforms in the state. From the creation of the Zamindary system in the late 1800's, to the West Bengal Land Reform Act of 1955, there have been many reforms in the administrative section regarding lands in the state.

In this article we will cover some of the best services of Starting form plot informations, fee payments and checking mutation status to many other services that benefit the citizens of the state. You can check your Khatian and plot information, apply online for a land conversion application, you can even search your application GNR. Let’s begin!

Here is the table inform what are the services offered by banglar bhumi website and what are the details have to fill in the services....

ServicesFill the Details
Online ApplicationChoose District, Block & Mouza Number
Services DeliveryEnter the Banglarbhumi Khatian Number
Mouza Map Availability DetailsSelect District and Block
Application / Receipt ReprintRequest type, Application Number
Mutation StatusCase wise Search / Deed Wise Search
30 days notice mutation caseRegistration office wise / Plot Khatian wise
Mutation Plot Khatian StatusPlot No / Khatian No, Block, District
RS-LR Plot InformationLR Plot No / RS Plot No

Know Your Property Value information at

With the services, you can easily retrieve any and every land or property oriented informations without having to incur any transport cost. Earlier you needed to physically be present at the departmental offices to get them.

You can retrieve plot numbers and land areas, property owner’s identity, property valuations and much such information. The property value is especially critical for buyers as well as sellers if they are interested on a certain property. You can retrieve these informations with almost no effort. You can access this service with your desktop, laptop or smartphone as long as you have an up and running internet connection.

How does it work?

You can easily access the website and follow the steps mentioned below:

You can see how easy this is. The online service has really helped the populace of West Bengal to avoid time consuming means to obtain these informations. However, do take care to use a fast internet connection.

How to check Banglarbhumi 2018 RS-LR Plot Information at

You can get the information of a certain plot of land by requesting a status, with the RS-LR Plot Information service. The West Bengal government maintains all the records of Mouza maps, surveys, etc. form this app you can retrieve the RS-LR in the following easy steps:

  1. Enter the site URL: and press Enter; it is the same as before;
  2. From the home page go to Citizen Services tab;
  3. From the drop-down menu select the RS-LR plot information option;
  4. Once again the page will be redirected to another where you will need to fill in some details;
  5. Fill up the District, Block and Mouza names; The System will now give you two options: i. Sabek Dag > Hal Dag:- RS Plot Number; ii. Hal Dag > Sabek Dag:- LR Plot Number.
  6. Choose the option you want to use, fill in the plot number and click on Submit button;
  7. The display will show you the information you require and you even take a print out in a hardcopy.
  8. Once again another easy to use service that is really helpful to the users, like buyers and sellers.

Banglarbhoomi 2019 Fees Payment Service at

The Government of West Bengal’s Banglar bhumi application is a great service package. Other than the various land related informations, you can also pay your fees to the govt. with this service. Stay at home and get it done via the internet. Follow these simple steps below to complete the task hassle-free:

In case you want to make your payments via Net Banking option or the GRPS option, you will have to register your Mutation Case Number with the government first. In this case, you can opt for the Application GRN search option.

Banglar bhumi 2018 track Mutation Status at

Before embarking on how to check your Mutation Case Status, I would like to take a few minutes to explain what Mutation means. It is the process of change in ownership of a property from one person to another when it is sold or transferred. A property that has been mutated, means the owner of the property have changed.

The department of revenue will charge the new owner of the property for the revenue or taxes on that property. This is why it is very important to check the ownership property tax, before signing on a Mutation deal.

Having said so, now we will take a look at the process through which, you can check your Mutation Case Status. Just follow the steps below to carry out the task hassle-free:

  1. Visit the webpage by typing in the URL: and press Enter on your browser; district name, block and Mouza names and the page will display the required information after submitting the form;
  2. From the home page browse to the Citizen Services tab and click / tap on it;
  3. From the drop-down choose Mutation Case Status option and a new page opens up; Here you will be given two choices: i. Case wise search & ii. Deed wise search;
  4. In case of Case-wise search, you will need to fill up a form with a few credentials like case number
  5. For Deed-wise search however, you will require to fill up only two fields namely, the deed number and the deed year;
  6. Once these credentials are submitted the page will automatically display the required status information.

You can see how easy it is to retrieve these informations with the Banglarbhumi application. This has become a real handy application for many who deal with real estate in this state.

How to Fill Banglarbhumi Online Mutation Application at banglarbhumi

We have already seen what Mutation means. It makes it easy for the government to collect tax from the right person. The form for a Banglarbhoomi mutation application is available at the Land & Reforms offices or is downloadable from the Banglarbhumi official site. However, just like above, one need to secure a few required documents beforehand.

One can easily avoid the long queues at the departmental offices with the Banglarbhumi Mutation online application. Follow these simple steps and your form fill-up will be complete:

As you can see, this application has a number of services, which are readily available at your doorstep. P.S. Do not forget to note down the application number as it will be necessary for future reference.

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